Standard cuts and color

Women's Haircut from $65
Men's Haircut from $35
Root Color from $85
Base to End Color from $110
Double Process Color from $175
Partial Highlights from $110
Full Highlights from $140
Blowout from $50
Add on Color Gloss from $25
Up Style from $85
Iron Work from $15
Treatment with Blowout from $75
Olaplex Treatment from $25
Fusio-dose Treatment from $25
Corrective Color (price by consultation)
Clip-in Extension Placement (price by consultation)

Creative hair color

*creative hair color requires a free consultation prior to the service.



Balayage (priced by consultation)

The Balayage Effect is hand-swept highlights that process in open air or with plastic film resulting in very natural looking color.  This technique is best for someone who is not looking to lift more than 3 levels in a single service and does not have previously colored hair.  Another positive result of Balayage is that it is a low maintenance as there is little to no regrowth line.

Hair Painting (priced by consultation)

Hair Painting can be soft like a balayage or can be a more aggressive application to create a dramatic look.  It is often used to create Ombres, Sombres and Nombres.

Foilayage (priced by consultation)

Painting "balayage" style pieces and then applying foil to achieve a more dramatic blonde but with a softer line of demarcation.  This technique is best or someone who desires to lift more than 3 levels.  the end result is far greater dimension than other techniques.

Color Correction (priced by consultation)

This service is used for drastic changes in color or when correction is needed for previously colored hair.  Color corrections often require additional time and may require several techniques to achieve desired results.


Bridal Style $125

Bridal Attendants Style from $85